Your "Fun" Interviews are Terrible

You know what most people hate? Job interviews. Why? Well, they’re a weird, manufactured thing where people sit in a room and one is trying to prove they’re the best and the others are trying to prove their workplace is cool. Awkward all around, right? Naturally, the instinct on the part of HR and hiring managers is to relieve the awkwardness and make the experience as pleasant as possible.

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EEO Statements and Equity in Hiring

We’ve all seen it: that sweet statement at the end of every job posting that tells everyone not to worry, that the people doing the hiring hold absolutely no bias whatsoever and will totally make every decision without regard to race, sex, national origin, disability status, sexual orientation, etc.

We all know that’s complete and utter BS, right?

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Benefits that Matter

Do you know which of your benefits really matter to your employees?  I often catch myself gazing longingly at the start-up tech world and their pool tables and free beer and ropes course expeditions.  Glassdoor recently published a round-up of top perks at various companies, and it's full of things like ski passes and executive coaching.  It also made me realize that those things really wouldn't matter all that much to my staff--but they would have mattered a lot to the staff of my previous company.

At my current organization--a nonprofit where the staff skews young, childless, and lower-middle income--I'm very aware that the most important things we provide are amazing health insurance and generous paid time off.  And while those other perks may draw folks to fancier organizations, I also wonder if those companies won't lose their people eventually if they don't start with the basics.  Free ski passes don't mean much if all you offer is a high-deductible HSA that no one can afford to fully fund.

What are your organization's most important benefits - and would your employees agree with you?